Conversation classes

If you want to improve your speaking skills you should get your nose out of the books and start to TALK! This is easier said than done, because you might be feeling insecure about your proficiency, or once you start talking to a Dutch, he or she replies in English. Most of your friends might be internationals and also at work or at university people mainly use English. What now?!?!

For this reason I started the conversation classes. During the 2-hour “lessons” we only talk in Dutch. Even when you are a very beginner you will be amazed by how much you can actually already say and how well you will understand the conversations! I will provide you with different speaking exercises that enable you to practice your social skills. So no role plays where you are visiting a doctor’s office (because how often do you go there?), but you will ask each other questions or you will talk about topics that you would also talk about in real life. During the classes you will learn new words, phrases, expressions, grammatical constructions and you gain more insight about the Dutch peculiarities.

Update januari 2020: I've cancelled the conversation classes for the upcoming period. 


Shea Meyers – 16 February 2019
A very fun and effective way to learn Dutch. I’ve been going to Kim’s classes for about 6 months now and I really enjoy it. The hours seem to fly by but I always feel like I’m learning a lot.

Franco Donati – 20 September 2018 
A very nice way to learn Dutch conversation by interacting with a diverse group of people and through fun games. These exercises are nice and well thought out to bring one out of their comfort zone and try out new sentences. Kim is a very energetic and fun teacher able to keep the student engaged at all times. Highly recommended!

Qian Jing – 17 September 2018 · 
Such a fun way to learn Dutch! It’s not just a lesson, but it encourages you to talk in Dutch, everyone get chance to speak and learn from practicing the language. Kim’s pronunciation is very clear, and she is has a lot of knowledge about Dutch grammar, which most of the foreigners will find it difficult to understand.

Indy Udol – 12 August 2018 · 
A brilliant way to learn Dutch effectively yet without requiring much time and effort, it just comes with the flow and the help of the enthusiastic tutor! I’ve always wanted to be fluent in Dutch, and I know who to approach!!